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Yes, that’s right. We offer to create a Wordpress blog on your own domain, completely free, no catch. Personal or commercial, any country. We set up your database, download the latest software and configure the system - all for free. We even offer to customize it with the best plugins, adsense ready templates and money making tools!

New to blogging? Wondering how to install and start a blog? No need to, we create a blog for you! Then we give you free ebooks on blogging and Wordpress to get you started. We also provide a 5 part tutorial on getting traffic to your door and the best out of your blog. We want your blog to succeed, and we’ll try our best to help.

If you already have a Domain Name and Webhost you can go straight to step 3. Otherwise, just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Get a Domain Name

You will need to register a domain name first. Go Daddy are a renowned and well established domain name service, and cheap too. To keep things simple it will be easier to get one when you buy your webhost package though (many offer a domain name for free when you register)…

2. Get a Webhost

This is where your Wordpress blog will live. If you don’t have a Webhost, select one from our approved list below. These Webhosts provide fast and reliable international services which we have personally reviewed and tested.
We’ve tried to leave out most of the jargon and just list the best low cost packages to go for. The ‘1 Year cost’ is for ease of comparison, and includes any discount offers that we’ve been able to negotiate for you. These hosts offer a number of payment options, paying for a year or more upfront often gives the best value for money. Of course, you can be cautious and pay monthly - and all of these hosts offer a 30 day or more, money back guarantee.

Host (Package) Filespace
Useful bonuses Price (month) 1 yr, with offer
Pow Web All unlimited * Free Domain Name.

* $30 Adwords, $50 Yahoo ad credits.

$5.77 $69.24
AN Hosting
(Mega Plan)



* First 3 months free (use coupon code: GOTAPEX-ROX-01)

* Free Domain Name.

* $50 Adwords, $50 Yahoo, $20 Search 1-2-3 ad credits.

$6.95 $62.55
(Terabyte Extreme)



* Free Domain Name.

* $30 Adwords, $25 Yahoo ad credits.


($4.44 with FALLSPECIAL coupon code)



Dot5Hosting 1700Gb



* Free Domain Name.

* $50 Adwords, $30 Yahoo ad credits.

$5.95 $71.40



* First Month free with FREETRIAL coupon code. 20% off with BEACH $6.95 $66.72

If you are expecting really high volumes of traffic then check out the hosts and select a ‘dedicated server’ package.

Once you have registered you will get a username and password. Make a note of this.

If you already have a webhost we will still install Wordpress for free. Please note, we can only offer this service on Linux (Unix) based hosting with PHP and MySQL installed.

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We aim to complete all non-bespoke installs within 48 hours, but due to the high popularity of our service it may sometimes take a little longer. If so we will contact you and give you an estimated turn-around time.

**Our bespoke installation service starts from as little as $24 and can include: customer configuration; bespoke selection of plugins to meet your needs; template installation and customization (fonts, colours & logos); installation of Google Analytics, Adsense and affiliate codes; SEO optimization.

Note: We accept any requests (commercial or private), but we reserve the right to refuse those who abuse the use of our service.

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